Structural Styles in Oil Exploration

Ref : O&G_GG_05


  • Participants will have an overview on all the hydrocarbon structural assemblies and their related trap types.
  • Structural and geophysical methods using in addition to practical exercises (seismic, slices and maps), participants will be able to interpret the geometry of structural traps and predict the geometry where data are absent or contradictory.


Geologist, geophysicist and geoscientist engineers, Producers and Technicians.


Presentations & debate: theoretical and methodological content followed by interactive and participatory methods such as projections, exercises and slideshows.

  • Knowing all the structural styles via map and seismic sections.
  • Distinguishing the characteristics of each structural style using Seismic Reflection Profiling.
  • Knowing the Disposition of the structural styles and traps.
  • Applying the stratigraphic mechanical concepts to understand and predict trap geometry.
  • Use restoration and balance to validate an interpretation and show the structural evolution.
  • Comparative structural Geology
  • Structural Styles Families
  • Governing Fault Geometry mechanical Principles.
  • Stratigraphy Structure Prediction.
  • Folding Faults.
  • Sections Structures Restoration.
  • Structural Validation Criteria.
  • Sequential Restoration of the history of Structures Growth.
  • Regional Domes
  • Deformation faults; simple, convergent and divergent
  • Combined Kinks and Domino Style
  • Folding Faults
  • Duplex, ramps and bearings.