About Us

We are a company committed to unleash the petroleum skill in Africa and the Middle East .

Who we are

    Safety Integrated Solutions is a Training and Consultancy service provider established in Algeria in 2014 with the ambition of expending to be a value added service company to Africa and Middle East Market.

We have been providing trainings for the Oil and GAS sector; Power Generation Sector; Constructions; Catering; Transportation and logistics sectors.

Our Vision

We envision providing training in all African and Middle Eastern countries using qualified local trainers,  to help unleash the advancement of petroleum professionals of all levels from entry level personnel to senior level managers.

Our Mission

Is to train petroleum industry professionals in Africa and Middle East to increase levels of competency to international standard, and to convey practical knowledge for ulization at their respective organizations. We will accomplish our mission by :

  • Providing tailored made and affordable vocational trainings and solutions aligned to regional employment market needs.
  • Maximizing cross-regional knowledge exchange.

Core Values and beliefs

Trust – We aim to create a relationship built on integrity and responsibility between our members, our students and our staff.
Enterprise – We are committed to an environment where people are encouraged to seize opportunities and push boundaries.
Teamwork – We encourage and foster teamwork across the organization through open communication and sharing of ideas.
Passion – We enjoy what we do and will go the extra mile to get the work done.
Service Quality – We strive for excellence in all areas of our organization from understanding our customers’ needs to helping them realize their goals.
Innovation – We encourage innovation amongst our staff in their work and personal development.
Culture Statements – “We endeavor to inculcate a culture that motivates staff members to serve with passion, promotes enterprise, innovation and service quality and which encourages openness, trust and teamwork among all”.
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