Tailored made Soft skills and management trainings

The critical skills that define leadership and creativity...

Soft Skills and Leadership courses

  • Leadership for Front Line Service Supervisors and managers
  • Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace
  • Negotiating for Results
  • Team Building: Developing High Performance Team
  • Crisis Management
  • Delegation the Art of Delegating Effectively
  • Business Leadership: Becoming Management Material
  • Anger Management : Understanding Anger
  • Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance
  • Meeting Management: The Art of Making Meeting work
  • Boost your interpersonal skills
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills

Management Courses

Human Resourses

  • HR common core module
  • Understand the training tax system
  • Gest prev GPEC jobs and skills
  • Training engineering

Supply Chain And Logistics

  • Contract Management.
  • Management of Logistics Chain.
  • Foreign Trade Operations.
  • Negotiation techniques and the construction of contracts.
  • Public Markets and Elaboration of the specifications.

BUSINESS Management

  • Elaboration of your business plan.
  • Management control.

Information Technology

  • Office Pack (Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook..etc).
  • Excel Basic and Excel Advanced.
  • Juniper Training, Cisco.
  • Networks Computer Security : Risks and control tools.

Finance And Accounting

  • Company Financial diagnosis.
  • Finance for NON Financial.
  • Management of working requirements capital for cash and risks.
  • Editing an investment credit file.
  • Editing an operating credit file.
  • Banking techniques (commercial effects).
  • Training tax and preparation of the training offer participation file.