Radiography Level 2 – Radiography Testing RT2

Ref : CND_RT2


Theoretical Part 60%
Practical Part 40%

Preparation for the exam of the COFREND certificate, Level 2 Sector: CIFM (Fabrication and Maintenance).

By the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Choose the appropriate technique of the method and define the limits of application
  • Write control instructions using specifications, standards and building codes
  • Set up the equipment, perform and monitor tests, write test reports
  • Record and rank results compared to written criteria.
  • Perform the tests according to the control instructions.


  • Supervisory staffs who wish to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and who already have radiography knowledge equivalent to level 01.
  • Executing personnel, technicians, radiologists, beginner controllers.
  • Execution staff, with experience on the method.


  • Minimum length of experience in END tests required
  • Visual acuity Test


  • Several Tools will be used in particular.

    • Slideshow and masterful approach to the transmission of knowledge.
    • Implementation of the Pedagogy objectives.
    • Theoretical courses alternately with the case studies, demonstrations and practical work on the industrial control equipment, with parts representing the real applications.
    • The training is led by a specialized engineers and technicians with university rank, who are certified and experienced in theoretical and practical training.
    • Rewind products and different welded parts.

  • Program complies with the requirements of the NF EN ISO 9712 standard and the recommendations of COFREND.
  • The program can evolve and undergo changes according to the needs of the candidates and this after first evaluation of prospection of the group's knowledge.

Week 1:

  • Introduction, terminology, the Method History
  • Principles Physics
  • Equipment
  • Pre-check information
  • Shooting Technique
  • Operating Mode
  • General Questionnaire

Week 2:

  • Results Interpretation
  • Control Products Knowledge
  • Influence on Detection
  • Practical work
  • Radiography Interpretation
  • General and specific Questionnaire

Week 3:

  • Instructions Sheets Writing
  • Molded Products Knowledge
  • Radiography Interpretation
  • General and specific Questionnaire (suite)
  • Practical Work

Week 4:

  • Radiography Interpretation
  • Instructions Sheets Writing
  • Practical work
  • Examination Report
  • Quality Aspects
  • Environmental and Safety Conditions
  • WHITE REVIEW - Preparation for the Level II Certification Exam

Assessment of achievements - Level II certification at our COFREND examination center

Certification examination by a level III inspector appointed by COFREND.