Pumps Exploitation – Troubleshooting & Maintenance


Range Maintenance Application on the pumps requiring the necessary capacities for the adequate operations of monitoring, control and adjustment of certain parameters.

And Accordingly, this training aims to provide the practicing technicians with technical and practical knowledge essential for the rehabilitation – Mechanical & Electrical PUMPS in service.

  • Understanding the Principles of operating the basic technology of Centrifugal Pumps – Fluid Mechanics
  • Interpreting Symptoms of Pump Operation & Maintenance Pump Operation in Circuit – Basic Installation Rules – Served – Monitoring
  • Effective procedures for treating a pump failure Detecting the fault – origin – Remedy the reasons.

  • General Information

    Operation - Principle - characteristics - Components:

    Waterproofing, guiding and coupling analysis of cravings inside


    Loads - Pump operating point Cavitation - Pump reliability Maintenance

     Performance analysis: flow - pressure - intensity Vibration analysis - Lubrication - Cavitation Failures Loss of flow - Loss of pressure - Failure to prime - Leakage - Rolling Disassembly & reassembly of pumps

    Educational Organization

    • Pedagogy based on the principle of group dynamics
    • Alternation of theoretical contributions -Reflections
    • Case studies & Situations observed
    • Realization of practical cases in autonomy based on actual constraints of installed pumps

    A suitable Positioning Test is to be foreseen at the beginning of the Training:

    It makes it possible to measure a level of competence of the participants and to know the installations of the groups pumps, liquids

    Vehicles, causes of mechanical deterioration - list the parameters necessary for the monitoring and maintenance of electric pump units.