PIPESIM Advanced

This Advanced training highlights workflows used by production engineers to evaluate and ana­lyze Well completion design, Nodal Analysis, Flow Assurance and network optimization. After completing this training, you will know how to :
  • Artificial Lift Design and optimization
  • Flow Assurance
  • Build a network model
  • Perform a network simulation
  • Audiance

    Completion engineers, production technologists, well service, personnel, production operators and drilling engineers.


    • PIPESIM fundamentals
    • Production and reservoir engineering fundamentals
    • Nodal Analysis
    • Artificial lift concept

    Module 1 : Artificial Lift Design (1.5 Day)
    In this module you will learn how to use PIPESIM for artificial lift design including electric submersible pumps (ESP) and Gas Lift.
    Module 2: Flow Assurance (2 Day)
    Multiphase flow simulation is required for the design of long pipelines to assure that fluids are safely and economically transported from the bottom of the wells all the ways downstream processing facility
    Four flow assurance issues are discussed in this module:
    Heat transfer
    Liquid slugging
    Module 3: Looped gas gathering network. (1.5 Days)
    Modeling a network allows the engineers to determine the effects of changes such as adding new wells, adding compression, looping flowlines, and changing the separator pressure.
    In this module, you will learn how to build a gathering network and perform a network simulation to evaluate the deliverability of the complete production system.