Naturally fractured Reservoirs Characterization.

Ref : O&G_GG_02


Understand and acquire the methods used to characterize the integrated static and dynamic data of the naturally fractured sections and construct fracture Models (Fracturing).


Geologist, geophysicist and geoscientist engineers.


Presentations & debate: theoretical and methodological content followed by interactive and participatory projection methods such as slideshows, films and photos as supporting materials.

  • Fractured Reservoir Definition
  • Rock Mechanics Notions
  • Fracturing Theory. Natural Examples
  • The distribution of fracturing in Outcrop in geological and satellite photos.
  • Fractal Analysis
  • Seismic Profiles.
  • Isobath and isopach Maps.
  • Structural Analysis of Cores.
  • Wells Imaging: Pendagemetry, Fracturing Types, Fractures Organization (stereographic Projection, Rosettes), Fracturing Density, actual and ancient constraints Directions of Fields.
  • Petro-physical Parameters statistical Analysis (iso-permeability and Iso-porosity maps, profiles, histograms, porosity / permeability correlation curves).
  • Fracturing Impact on the reservoir qualities: Transmissivity (Kh), Wells Test and the Integration of all of the data.