Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Excellence

Ref : O&G_MPSE

This course will help develop the personnel in the key role and turn them into asset management planning champions. To do this they must have an understanding of asset management fundamentals and where maintenance fits into the mix. They must be able to manipulate the CMMS and use other electronic media to improve the quality of the inputs which in turn will improve the quality of the outputs.
Our courses and trainers are highly regarded. They teach you how to apply sound theoretical principles in a solid and practical way.


Planners, schedulers, engineers or specialists in the field of maintenance or operation whose work is related to shutdown activities. Managers, senior engineers whose work is related to maintenance Planning, scheduling and shutdown arrangements.

What is Work Management?

  • Asset and maintenance management
  • The role of maintenance
  • The role of work management
  • A typical work management framework
  • Exercise – Life Cycle Costing

Identifying Work

  • Work identification
  • Work screening
  • Work prioritisation
  • Exercise – Prioritising and Screening Work.

Planning Work

  • Planning
  • Work packs
  • Exercise – Work Planning.

Scheduling Work

  • Scheduling
  • Standing Work Orders
  • Backlog management
  • Forwardlog management
  • Materials and resource procurement
  • Exercise – Maintenance Scheduling.

Executing Work

  • Performing work
  • Exercise – Maintenance Role Play

Completing Work

  • Recording work history
  • Analysing work history
  • Continuous improvement