History Matching And Reservoir Optimization

Ref : O&G_HMRP

Production data are incorporated into high-resolution reservoir models through conventional and fast flow simulation techniques such as streamline models. In this course, attendees will learn different history-matching workflows and their merits, including assisted and automatic history matching, in addition to exploring the many forms of production data, pressure transient test, tracer test, multiphase production history, and interpreted 4D seismic information. Field examples illustrate the advantages and limitations of these techniques.


Practicing geoscientists and engineers, especially those involved in reservoirsimulation.


Knowledge of basic mathematics, petroleum geology, reservoir engineering, and petro physics, plus elemental software skills.

• History matching: broad perspectives and current status
• History-matching workflows
• Production data integration: background and theory
• Flow simulation through geologic models: streamline approach
• Streamline-based production data integration
• Assisted history matching and inverse modeling with finite-difference models • History matching: field applications
• Experimental design: background and applications.
Course Materials
Hard copies of slides and course supporting materials, including; references and other useful documents.