Drilling Technology 2

Ref : OAG_DTE2_05
05 Days

To give the professional junior drilling staff the necessary understanding of the processes used during drilling operations including drilling fluids, drilling fluid systems, fishing operations, well control operations and how to handle these safely.

Learning Objectives

To be able to:
• Describe the circulating system components
• Understand the basic purposes of drilling fluid
• Safely make mud density and viscosity checks as required on a rig
• Obtain sufficient knowledge about the course content to pass a written test with minimum 70% score
• Describe the use of various solids control equipment
• Fill out a basic vertical kill sheet including pressure calculations


A Drilling Technology 1 certificate is required.

• The circulating system
• Introduction to drilling fluid types and maintenance of same
• Solids control equipment
• Pressure calculations
• Well control problems and well kill methods
• Introduction to fishing operations and fishing equipment
• Introduction to Surface and Subsea well control equipment
• Practical exercise on the Drillsim 5000 full-scale simulator
• Oilfield terminology