Bases of general metallurgy for welding (Level 2)

Ref : CND_METL02


  • This internship makes discover the bases of metallurgy necessary for the implementation of the metallic materials, with respect to welding.

    It is a prerequisite for acquiring the necessary knowledge to approach welding metallurgy.

    By the end of this internship, the trainees will be:

    • To interpret a subject certificate
    • To appreciate the conditions of realization and the significance of the results of the basic mechanical tests
    • Evaluate the effects of cold and hot deformation
    • Define what the different heat treatments consist of and evaluate their consequences on the properties of use
    • To establish a dialogue with a metallurgist to optimize a manufacturing process or to check job properties
    • To classify steels by family from their standard designation
    • To approach specialized training in welding metallurgy.


  • Technicians or engineers not specialized in metallurgy and facing the problems of implementation of metallic materials, wishing to specialize in welding metallurgy.
  • This internship is perfectly complete with the “Welding metallurgy” internship at level 03 to constitute an excellent basic training in metallurgy of steel welding.


  • No prerequisites are required.
  • Notions of mathematics needed: Calculate energies, understand the contribution of heat, understand the units, proportions and prepare for reading of plan, calculation of rate of dilution.

  1. Strong State - Metal Structure - Crystalline Structure
  • Networks - defects
  • Thermal agitation - diffusion
  • Solid solutions - defined compounds.
  1. Balancing Diagrams
  • Single solid solution binary diagrams
  • Binary diagrams with eutectic
  • Rules for reading diagrams
  • Evolution with temperature
  • Evolution with the chemical composition.
  1. Structure Micrograph
  • Granular structure
  • Influences of grain shape and size
  • Study of micrographic structure in relation to equilibrium diagrams.
  1. Introduction To Thermal Treatments
  • annealing
  • temper
  • Returned