Applied Reservoir Simulation

Ref : O&G_ARS

This course provides a full understanding of the concepts and equations in reservoir simulation.


Process, Reservoir, Petroleum and Drilling Engineers.


Previous experience in process engineering or flow assurance issues, familiarity with computers and a basic understanding of chemistry, thermodynamics and general physics would be helpful.

• What’s reservoirsimulation
• Fundamental reservoir engineering concepts requirements for better under-standing of reservoirsimulation
• Fundamental mathematicalconcepts
• Fundamental equations for single phaseflow
• Finite difference approximation to linear flowequations
• Wellrepresentation
• Solution of linear differenceequations
• Numerical solution of single phase flowequations
• Multiphase flow simulation inreservoirs
• Practical aspects of reservoirsimulation
• Relationships between numerical reservoir simulation and reservoir engineering
Course Materials
Hard copies of slides and course supporting materials, including; references and other useful documents.