API 579 – Fitness for Service (FFS)

Ref : API_579

Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments are quantitative engineering evaluations that are performed to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component that may contain a flaw or damage. This training course is designed to give a detailed discussion of the subject of Fitness for Service concepts (FFS) with emphasis on the basic degradation mechanism and its consequences aspect.

Learning Objectives

  • To familiarize participants with the main concepts and technical terms of degradation mechanisms.
  • To introduce participants to the concepts of FFS.
  • To explain to participants the basic concepts of degradation and FFS.
  • To provide participants with the basic technical and scientific knowledge for carrying out in depth inspection and engineering calculations.
  • To train participants to choose between ‘3 R’s i.e. Re-rate, Repair and Replace.
  • To introduce participants to different ways of evaluations and decision making as regards the repairs alterations and re-ratings Assessment of future remaining life.


Designers, Inspection Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Plant Inspectors, Mechanical Engineers, and Process Engineers interested in Fitness-for-Service assessments.

  • Introduction

    • Fitness-for-service engineering assessment procedure
    • Assessment of existing equipment for brittle fracture
    • Assessment of general metal loss
    • Assessment of local metal loss
    • Assessment of pitting corrosion
    • Assessment of hydrogen blisters and hydrogen damage associated with hic and sohic
    • Assessment of weld misalignment and shell distortions
    • Assessment of crack-like flaws
    • Assessment of components operating in the creep range
    • Assessment of fire damage
    • Assessment of dents, gouges, and dent-gouge combinations
    • Assessment of laminations